Chabad of West Houston is here to serve the needs of all Jews in this west side area, regardless of back-ground or affiliation or circumstance. 

Chabad of West Houston was developed without any financial support from a central institutional fund. We rely on supporting donors and members. In asking for your support, envision that for what you give you get the happiness of some child at Purim or Chanukah or an old couple at Yom Kippur who would have had no place to celebrate this holiest of Jewish days if Chabad were not there. Can anyone put a price on this?

To support Chabad in providing these extraordinary services to those in need, we are inviting you to become a member of the CHAI Circle of Friends. You can do so by committing a monthly donation in a multiple of 18, or Chai.which means life in Hebrew. Any amount is really significant! Your donation, combined with others in this special group, can make a great difference in supplementing Chabad’s operational budget, which is very lean, indeed.

Let’s do the math about the significance of $18. Ten people giving $18 each month (just 59 cents a day!) would amount to $180. In twelve months, that’s $2,160. G‑d willing we had ten additional donors at $36 a month plus ten more donors at $108 a month and another ten at $180 a month, these 50 donors would be, together, contributing $49,680 each year. Add another 50 donors and we are very close to our $125,000, the balance to made up from special events and pledges. The exponential growth potential is amazing!

Become a Friend. Pick a dollar amount in multiples of $18 ($18, $36, $72, $180, $540, $1,800, etc.) All donations are tax deductible. Raise your head with pride. You will be among the supporters who make it possible to reach out and continue serving the community’s spiritual needs.

As a convenience, you can click here to go to the payment form.  You may also contact us at 281 589-7188, or make your monthly donation via check and mail it to:

Chabad of West Houston
12645 Whittington Dr
Houston, TX 77077