In Memory of Reb Isser Leib Goldstein A"H

It all started with our father, Reb Isser a”h, buying a letter in the Torah. Our father had been searching. Searching for meaning, searching for truth. 

He was working in McAllen Texas. One day two rabbis showed up to his shop. They were going to do some business in Texas and the Lubavitcher Rebbe told them that they should not leave Texas until they get at least one Jewish person to buy two letters from a Sefer Torah. They had a hard time finding any Jews in that area since there weren’t very many. They searched and searched and low and behold they found our father. When they walked in our father was amazed! Wow! These rabbis came to visit me?! He bought 2 letters in the Torah and that’s how his journey began. From that day on he dedicated his life to Hashem and one of the last things he told his children before he passed was that he is so proud to be a Jew. How fitting is it now that our family would like to make a Sefer Torah in his honor. We know this will surely make his Neshama have so much Nachas, joy and peace. 

The 613th and final mitzvah in the Torah is that every Jew writes his own Sefer Torah. Our Rabbis have taught that one can fulfill this mitzvah by dedicating a portion or even one letter in a Torah.

Have the Sofer write a portion or a letter in the Torah just for you! Both children and adults will be given an opportunity to participate in this mitzvah.

This is also an opportunity to honor someone by donating in their name.

You may participate by filling out the form bellow. May our fatrher's neshama have an aliyah and may we all be reunited with the coming of Moshiach now!

The Goldstein Family