My name is Sara Wainberg. My son, David, is in Morah Shoshana class at the Kita Gimel level.

First, I want to say thanks to Morah Elisa Goldstein for this invitation to share my experience bringing my son to the Hebrew School at the CHAI Learning Center here at the West Chabad of Houston. My interaction with this community only happens on Sundays as I live in The Woodlands. Every Sunday, my family travels a distance that is longer than the State of Israel when crossing from east to west. And I tell you, this effort has been very rewarding!

My family has always felt welcome by Rabbi Goldstein and by Morah Elisa since David joined the school in 2014. But why have I approached a Chabad community?

I was born in Brazil. I studied all my life at a Jewish school in my hometown of Porto Alegre as there was only one such a school to go. My father always showed me the way to be a Jew, to be proud of my roots, and to be a good person.

When I was teenager, Beit Chabad came to my city, and my father used to go to all services and events there. When I attended the congregation, I felt very close to my Dad. When I come here on Sundays, I feel very close to my Dad.

I feel more Jewish when I drive 2 hours with my family to have my son here at the Hebrew school. He learns about our culture, our people and our mitzvot. It is my mitzva to give him a good Jewish education, and this is a good school. How do I know?

When I ask David what he likes about the school, he answers “everything”, and naturally he completes his response by saying he does not want to go to any other school, even if it is closer to our home. I witness his faith as a Jew when praying, as I recall when my mother had health issues. When saying our prayers. When I watch his conduct, I can see some Jewish behavior being good to others.

This is a great place for your kids!