September 16, 2012
Elul 29, 5772

Shalom Dear Friend,

“Build it and they will come”, a fictional beginning for an award winning movie about the American dream that has become a part of our everyday language.  For CHAI it has become reality.  For you, a rare opportunity to reach that highest level of tzedakah.

More than ever, this quote from the Jewish Herald addresses the importance of CHAI “an oasis of hope, inspiration, peace, joy and an immense spiritual connection to a secular community”.

Rabbi Goldstein developed CHAI without any financial support from a central institutional fund.  He relies solely on supporting donors and members.  Therefore, we enclose, with pride of achievement and our deepest gratitude for your support, a renewal membership application for CHAI Learning Center.  Traditionally, as we all prepare for the Jewish New Year, Jewish congregations issue a call for renewal of membership at this time.

You are among those special few who have made our activities possible.  We know you will choose a level that speaks to your neshama/soul as you once again partner with us in CHAI’s mission of igniting each Jew’s personal interaction with G‑d. We are aware of the current economy and if prior membership is not feasible, please review the CHAI Club of Supporters option and determine a level that is financially comfortable for you.

We look forward to greet you at CHAI events or classes. May you be inscribed in the Book of Life for a Healthy and Happy Sweet New Year.

 Rabbi Dovid Goldstein, Director

Mr. Jerry Harris, Administrator



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