B Banner.jpg  Hebrew School

Sunday 9:30am-11:30am for the duration   of the scholastic year. This program offers a Hebrew and Jewish studies curriculum. Students learn to read and write Hebrew and gain an appreciation for the who, what, when and why of Jewish life.
Ages 4-13               

New school year starts September 10th 

Annual tuition: $700.00 per year per child (this includes registration & book fee).  

Discounts : There is a 10% discount off of the regular tuition for each additional child of the same family. 


Chai Learning Center of West Houston is proud to introduce our new:
Hebrew Immersion class

This optional program offers your child a major boost in learning conversational Hebrew. Classes are held on the same days as the Hebrew School from 11:30am-12:15pm. Available for children ages 8-13 all levels. 

Annual tuition: $250.00 per year per child

Taught by an Israeli teacher. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!


Click Here to register online